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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Why we need friends--one more reason

Monday started off pretty yucky. I'm not sure if it was the fact that I missed Morgan or was worn out from the crazy weekend we had or some combination of issues. Suffice it to say, I started Tuesday morning by looking at my executive pastor and saying, "If I could blow up the world right now and not get singed, you wouldn't be standing here." (Okay, I know that's severe but you get my point because you've said the same kind of stuff. Admit it)

Well, yesterday did it's dead level best to beat out Monday. Monday was the day from hell; Tuesday was the basement.

I knew it had gotten bad by the end of the day when the following event took place. I was finally heading home later than usual. A guy in a beat up old car pulled out in front of me (you probably could have guessed that was going to happen) causing me to slam on brakes. It wasn't until we approached the next intersection that I noticed his bumper sticker.

"Don't let your kid pray in my school and I won't think in your church."

Are you kidding me? Here is the rapid succession of thoughts that went through my head in their exact order. "Your school? Why is it your school? I've got four kids in school and I pay my taxes. Don't think in my church? Dude, you're not thinking right now pulling your raggedy muffin car out in front of my big black truck. I'll tell you what. I won't pray your in school. I'll just come up there right now and lay hands on you...." You get the point. Not a proud moment.

Then, this thought. "Ridley, you're debating the bumper of a car that slipped through the Obama 'cash for clunker' plan. You're out of control."

And I was. I knew it. So I did the three smartest things I had done all day. I texted one of my really good friends and prayer partners and asked him to pray for my really pitiful attitude. Next, I turned off the radio and began to talk to God--I needed forgiveness and transformation in that moment. I needed my Friend. Third, I went the place where all of my best friends live. Yeah, it may get a little crazy around there and we don't always see eye-to-eye but it's the place I most want to be when bumper stickers start to get under my skin.

I wasn't very much the model of Christ yesterday. I needed my friends. I needed each one of them to talk me down, to calm my spirit, to remind me that everything would be okay and that they were there for me.

My friend texted me back with this really cool reminder:
"you can get along with long as you forget about being hurt." Good words to keep it all in perspective as I begin my Wednesday. Hope your week is a good one. Let me know if you need a friend. We all do.

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Beth Clark said...

Thank you for, once again, being honest and "human". It's encouraging to know that as a body, we STRUGGLE. You continue to be an inspiration and the raw truth helps me in my days of "missing it". We so need one another and can't do this without the grace of God and the love He's provided through faithful friendships. I know God gives us what we need to make it through each day, but I really don't think making this transition to vocational missionaries would be possible without the faithful love and support of friends! Thankful you and your family are surrounded by them, AND thankful you let them love on you:) Much love!!!!