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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

She's Got Me Thinking

Like so many of you, I have enjoyed reading Lisa's blogs the last few weeks as she has interviewed different members of my family. Most of the interviews dealt specifically with the swirling of our family and what that has looked like for each of us. Different people have shared their challenges through this process and what those have meant to them. It's garnered lots of responses as well. She's gotten many comments, questions, emails and even some phone calls. I have as well. Especially as we are in the season where we are remembering the anniversaries of Josh and Sarah Ellen's deaths.

Two e-mails in particular got me thinking this morning. Both were from old friends who had been reading Lisa's emails and remembering that the anniversary of the accident had just passed. They shared with me that the blog had brought up and even answered many questions that they had about this whole tragedy.

Over the last seven years, I've tried to share and talk and be very open. I knew it was good for my healing but, just as important to me, it was helpful for others who were going through this with me, as well as complete strangers who had their own personal tragedies. Then it struck me. I want to do more. I want to help anyone I can--friend, family member or acquaintance--with whatever it is they are going through.

So, I'm asking you for your questions. There may be none. And if that is the case, I'll go on with my blog and continue to share as God leads me. However, if there is one or a dozen or a hundred questions about the event or my feelings or what God is teaching I would love the privilege of dealing with them here. It may not only help with your healing and mine but also with someone else who is reading. I'll take ALL questions. I haven't been asked anything in seven years that I couldn't deal with. If that happens, I'll just reserve the right to put the question aside. I don't expect that to happen. I'll just pray that God gives me the wisdom and the understanding to deal with whatever you may ask. I will welcome questions from anyone and, if you prefer to remain anonymous, I will do that for you if it is appropriate.

Here's the best way to reach me:

Thanks for giving me a chance to do this for us...let the questions begin.

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