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Monday, April 25, 2011

Whining and complaining

Yeah, you're at the right place. The blog has a whole new look. I think Lisa got tired of looking at the same old page so she asked me last week, "Can we do something to change your page a little bit?" The only good answer to that question is "yes." Hope you like it.

I was reading a little bit in Habakkuk this morning, eavesdropping just a bit as the prophet whines and complains a little bit to God. It was interesting to me because I've never done that before and I really couldn't relate at all to how Habakkuk felt before God....

...okay, I'm laughing at that last statement even if you aren't. I whine and complain to God with the best of them. I can get so caught up in my world that I forget what God's plan is and forget to think about how He wants me to react to my world. I'm good at it too. I don't just throw pity parties. I'm the stinking DJ at all my events.

Habakkuk is a lot like me in these matters. He's watching a world spinning out of control . God seems to be indifferent. The wicked are prospering while the innocent seem to get run over at every turn. It's enough to make a grown man...well, complain. So that's what Habakkuk does.

I needed to hear God's answer to Habakkuk for myself. I needed that reminder of His authority and His power. While God addresses Habakkuk's specific questions for his day, I think He's teaching me a lot. He says that only one time frame's His. He says only one plan will's His. He says that there is only one true power controlling the's His. And, finally, there is only One whose presence can bring calm to the chaos and peace to the's His.

Rather than whining about my day, there are specific prayers I can pray and specific actions I can take to make my Monday (or any other day) better. Part of the challenge is lining my thoughts up with a God who is pure and holy and mighty. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I can't "comprehend" God by trying to bring Him down to my level and put Him on my playing field. He will do what brings Him glory. In the short-term it may not look pretty. In the long term, I am blessed when I surrender my desires to His power and His plan and His presence.

Pity party over. Now it's time to watch and see what He is up to.

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Bill said...

If you google the phrase "I was reading a little bit in Habakkuk this morning", you get exactly one hit. I thought that was interesting.