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Friday, January 04, 2008

...but honors those who fear the Lord. Psalm 15:5 NIV

Have you ever thought what it means to really honor someone, especially someone whose values are markedly different from the rest of the world? Honor simply means to show respect for someone.

This became a challenge to me several years ago when Christmas time rolled around for our family. My first wife and I were struggling for gift ideas. We had covered all of the essentials when it came to kids and most of our other family. However, when it came to her father, we were drawing blanks. Why? Mainly because I respected Mr. Trimble so much. He was a Godly man with rock-solid values. When you think of a man who fears the Lord, Mr. Trimble instantly comes to mind. For as long as I had known him, Mr. Trimble had been the kind of man who had modeled that consistent fear and respect of God.

Sarah and I toyed with ideas and never really felt at peace with anything that came to mind. They all seemed trivial, especially to a simple man who didn't desire much or need anything. The question was asked, "How do we give in such a way to honor him?"

Ultimately the question of honor for him (or for anyone who fears God) comes back to a respect for what they respect. To honor a man who honors God is to behave and act in such a way as to recognize the choices they have made and the priority they have set for their life.

Mr. Trimble has worked all his life doing many things. But the one thing that has been consistent in his desire is to watch God's kingdom grow and His name be blessed. That Christmas, we made a donation to Billy Graham's ministry, something we knew would bring Mr Trimble great pleasure. It did because it gave God great pleasure. And instead of one more shirt to fill a closet or a pair of house shoes he would have never worn, a man who feared God was honored.

Now, Psalm 15 isn't just about buying presents or giving gifts. It's about respect--respect for what one represents and what one chooses to live for. To honor someone, nothing about my speech or actions can diminish what they value--the fame and recognition of the God that they fear.

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