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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

REMINDER: we are in the process of moving the blog to our church website ( As soon as the subscription plans are worked out, we'll make the final move. Until then, you can read the blog here or at the site. As always, thanks for taking the time to read.

There is no place in the Church for "you." Now, before you get alarmed, start packing your collective bags and turning in your letters of resignation, go back and read that sentence again. There is no room in the Church for "you."

That's the peculiarity of God's economy. It always has been. From day one God has taught us--the Church--about the importance of putting others first, beginning with His desires. Jesus said to His followers that following Him meant dying to self every single day (no room for you). He said we would have to take up our cross (no room for you), lay down our life (no room for you) and follow Him (no room for you).

Jesus went on to teach that the first would be last (no room for you), the greatest would become least (no room for you) and that those who desired to be masters would have to learn to serve (no room for you).

We are to love others, pray for our enemies and bless those who put us down (no room for you, you or you). Are you detecting a theme here?

Now, here's where the problem comes in. American culture tells us "It's all about you." Be honest. You like that better, don't you? Who wouldn't? That car was built for you. The hamburger you ate was made your way. The credit card was designed just for you. This special sale is made with you in mind. It's all about our comfort, our convenience, our joy. In short, there's no room for anyone else.

That's why there is a problem for so many of us. We get hit 30,000 times a day with the message that no one matters but you. Deep down in our souls we know that only one message matters--there's no room for you. This is why we have to be so careful about the messages we watch and see and hear. They are completely contradictory to the one message that God has screamed at us for centuries. The one path to true satisfaction in life does not run through you.

That's why we talk about serving. It's why we remind people constantly that this life is not about our comfort; it's about our character. It's why there is no room in the church for "you." And, if you'd like to join others who are learning to say "no" to self and "yes" to Christ...we've got plenty of room for you.

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