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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

We wrap up our discussion on Psalm 15 today. But before we do, I want to let you in on some really cool news that will effect those of you who read this blog regularly. As of this past Saturday, January 5th, Ridgeview (my church) has a new website. It's pretty amazing and all-inclusive (not on the scale of one of those fancy resorts but pretty close). My blog has officially moved to the pages of our website. Right now, you'll find it in both places because they haven't added a subscription notice to the site. Soon, though, you'll be able to visit my blog and check out all the latest information regarding RCC. In addition, there are blogs from the rest of our staff, audio files from our worship, calendar information and helpful links. It's a pretty amazing (I've already said that) site.

Now to our last quality from the words of Psalm 15.
who lends his money without usury and does not accept a bribe against the innocent. Psalm 15: 5 NIV

There's a lot of stuff in these five verses. I haven't begun to get into all of it or to do it justice. In fact, there's probably much more here that some of you would find and maybe even like to share. This last portion, though, underlines a critical aspect of the nature and character of God (and, therefore, should be a part of our character). God cares about those who have need and He does so with a heart that is fair and just.

God was not against interest being charged when it came to business. In fact, elsewhere in Scripture, God gives further instruction about how interest should be charged and from who. What God is talking about here (through David) is using someone else's misfortune as an opportunity to get wealthy. The underlying message here goes even deeper.

God loves to give. He really does. Think about one thing in your life that God didn't give to you. You can't. It's His nature and He's been doing it since the day He spoke Creation into being. Giving. He desires that you and I do the same. Here's the thing. It's more for your benefit than for theirs. You receive more from giving than they do. How? Of course, there is the blessing, the reward, the relationships that are established or broken. Probably greater than any of these is is the only way to make sure your material things don't own you. You want to make sure you don't fall into the trap of being owned by stuff? Then make sure you learn to give it away on a regular basis.

In God's great economy, this is how He protects us from "stuffitis" and takes care of those who have greater needs than us. Learn to give. Do your part. Protect your heart. Keep God's economy in tact.


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