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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I need a man. More specifically I need some men. Just so you don't miss the importance of what I am sharing with you, let me get really detailed in what I am saying. I--we--need some Godly men who are ready to answer the call.

We had an amazing Sunday this past Sunday at Ridgeview. Great worship. New worship guy. Lots of new faces. An abundance of our regular attenders there. Frankly, it was an incredible day all the way around. As I wrapped up our gathering with an invitation for people to join me in the battle, I was blown away by two things. First, I was blown away by how good the Ridgeview family is. I know I shouldn't be surprised by it at this point but it's something I like to brag about. When the RCC staff petitions you guys, you rise to the top like nobody else. You step up, speak up, move up and jump up...and God takes notice. You (all of you who serve and pray and teach and work and volunteer) are the reason that God is glorified in the walls of RCC and in our Franklin community. You guys rock!!

But there was something else that caught my attention. the number of women who are serving in our church. They are leading worship, handling technical stuff, assisting with tear down, teaching our kids, praying for our leadership, serving on our Leadership Team and pulling more than their fair share of the weight. Now, that doesn't mean we don't want any more women to serve. Nor does it mean we don't have some really good men who are part of what we are doing. We have great ones. We have been blessed with smart business men, men with servant's hearts and men who get the vision of what God wants for RCC.

We just need more!! Seriously.

Let me explain why. This past week, we had four young people receive Christ in our student ministry--a ministry that has grown by over 200% since Paul's arrival in 2006. At the same time, our children's ministry (which runs around 25 to 30% of our attendance on any given Sunday) has young men who are looking for role models. Where are they?

Where are the men with life experience who are going to teach these young guys what it takes to follow God? Where are the men who will take up the mantle and show young boys how to love their wives, to serve their churches, to train their children and to love God with all their heart? Where are they? I'd like to know. I'd like to find them and bring them in. It's a matter of growing importance in most churches. It's important in ours. There are young men who need to be led and trained by genuine (male) followers of God.

Here's what I don't need. I don't need guys who aren't willing to stand firm or to invest long hours or to dream big dreams or to sweat alongside other "warriors" in the kingdom. I don't need spiritual wimps or moral black holes. I don't need men who are tossed around by the latest fad or whose convictions are swayed by the latest opinion poll. I don't need men who value their hobbies or their careers more than they value the "kingdom stuff" or their families. I've seen enough of them in my ministry years.

I need Godly men. Do you know any? If you are willing to apply, contact someone on our staff. They're looking for you too.

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