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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall! 1 Corinthians 10:12 NIV

Satan's a jerk! And a very sneaky one at that. When it comes to causing trouble, you better believe that he is not only real ,but really good at what he does. One of the things he does so well is to keep us from seeing the long term damage of our sin. We have a tendency, when we are faced with a choice, to imagine that our sin will only hurt us and just for a little while. "No one will ever know," we imagine. "It's just this once and then I'll do better."

King David fell for it. Think about what happened the night he chose to commit adultery with Bathsheba (don't you love that name? The name alone should have told David to steer clear. She was trouble). David had just experienced over two decades of spiritual, economic and physical success. Israel's borders had been destroyed, her enemies defeated. The land was at peace with the exception of a few minor battles left to fight. So, David did what many of us tend to do...he got comfortable in his position.

The story of David's fall begins with a little phrase that indicates his overconfidence. "In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war..." 2 Samuel 11:1 NIV David wasn't where he should be nor was he doing what he was supposed to do. David had gotten overconfident in his position. Because of that, he could not see the danger that loomed ahead.

He wasn't looking for trouble the night he roamed out onto his roof. And, when he made the choice to compromise, he closed his eyes to all the dangers that loomed. Not only did David disobey God, David's choice led to a pregnancy, a murder, lies covered by more lies, the deaths of four of his sons and the eventual division of Israel. Think David saw all of that coming just because of that "one little sin?" You can bet your life he didn't. But that's exactly how Satan works. He covers our eyes so we can't see what God is trying to save us from. He's been doing it for years.

I talked with a young lady here in Franklin last week about Jesus and sin. She was a high schooler and a seemingly intelligent young lady. Her final comment in our conversation blew me away. "Not all sin is bad," she said. "Some are just little trivial ones."

Hear me! Don't bet your life (or your kingdom) on that lie. It comes from Satan. Your position today can be your downfall tomorrow if you don't take seriously the dangers of sin and consider the character of the enemy we all face. "Be careful" the Bible warns. You don't want to fall into this trap...I guarantee it.


Diana said...

What a sad statement "Not all sin is bad." Sin is Sin! Society is what changes the view of how bad sin really is. In our eyes tellin a lie is no where near murdering someone however, it isn't our eyes we need to be concerned about. In God's eyes, that little lie is just as much of a sin as taking another life. Society is the trap we all have fallen into once in a while, the key is seeing the trap for what it can be...a big black hole.

great post,

melissa said...

I find the need to ddaily be praying for society and the way they try to plea brgin over sins..Nice blog , I actually found your site in Home Life magazine..OCotber issue..I was in Duke medical Center in Nc at the time and reading this article was a blessing. Seeing you continue in faith and to forgive was a trueness to your love for God.

Melissa @