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Thursday, March 26, 2009

How nasty can it get?

How nasty can it get? That's a question I've asked myself numerous times. Then, there's one more story, one more headline, another new movie or song that takes us to a new low. While that breaks my heart, I expect the world to do these kinds of things. People who don't know Christ don't know better. They are living their lives without a consistent moral guide, a source outside of themselves to judge right from wrong.

What blows my mind is when Christ followers sink down into the muck with the world and allow themselves to be tainted by the poor choices of others. For instance, last night I overheard a few teens talking about their "church-going" friends who love a show called "The Family Guy." Now, honestly, I've never watched the show nor had a desire to. The commercials are bad enough for me. Then this morning, I got an e-mail regarding one of the recent episodes of this show. WARNING: Do not go to this link if you are easily offended. This link shares graphic detail about the trash that was part of the show. Keep in mind that it was rated TV-14 (deemed appropriate for my 14 year old by the TV council). I wouldn't let my mother watch this stuff.

UPDATE: After going back and reviewing this video, I can't even feel good about allowing people to watch this. Therefore, I've decided to pull the link. If you feel a need to see what garbage was included in this episode, feel free to e-mail me and we'll talk about what was included.

And we scratch our heads and wonder why things aren't any better. Here's my point in a nutshell. If we don't act differently from the world then the world's got no reason to become...different. They can live their same lives in the same way without any reference to purity or holiness or morality. God forbid that the church stop being the church, that we stop being salt and light and that we forget to live our lives as the "called out ones". Let's get this right people. God deserves better than our leftovers.

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