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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm in the middle of one of our birthday streaks.

I'm in the middle of one of our birthday streaks. Our family has several of them (that's what happens when you have a large family). From February through the end of April, we celebrate everything from my dad's birthday (who passed away in February of 2004) to my youngest daughter, Landon's birthday in April. In between, there are gifts and parties and, my personal favorite, chocolates in all varieties. Last month, we celebrated Morgan's 17th. It was a time of mixed emotions for me. I am excited to watch the changes that are going on with Morgan as she matures into the Godly woman that Lisa and I are praying for her to be. At the same time, I realize that every day that passes means one day closer to her departure for college. I kind of feel cheated that I didn't get to be her dad sooner.

Today is Abby's birthday--or Abigail as she prefers to be called these days. Eleven years old and growing taller by the day. I remember the day she was born and holding her in my arms that morning. I remember how excited Harrison was to have his new baby sister. (He's not quite as excited these days but it's obvious they still love each other). I can't believe the changes I've seen in her. I thank God for a big sister in Morgan who is helping her, encouraging her and modeling for her some good qualities. I thank God for my little Abby. What an amazing gift she is to me.

Next month, it's daughter number three...Landon. She is the highly creative one of the bunch, the entertainer. She flits from one thing to another with great energy and has been dreaming for months about how she wants to celebrate birthday number ten. I'm sure she will be entertaining me for the rest of my life.

I guess I share all this for two reasons:
1. With Abby's birthday today, it struck me last night that I am now closer to my retirement than I am to my high school graduation. My life is moving rapidly forward and things are changing daily in my family. I want to catch as many moments as I can and, until my brain gets tired of recalling them, play them over and over again.
2. I am very, very blessed. From the day I was born on this planet, God has chosen to give me family. And not just any family, great family. Godly parents, older sisters who loved me, a grandmother who prayed for me daily, children who blessed my life and filled it with laughter. He blessed me with not just one but two amazing women who knows what it means to partner in a relationship with their husband while living totally submitted to their Father. I AM BLESSED. I guess this little blog is just my way of praising God for ALL good things that He has given to me.

So, today, I honor you girls--Morgan, Abigail, Landon. I pray for you daily. I love you more with each prayer. I want you to blow the world away with the gifts God has given you then draw them to Him with the quiet spirit of a woman who lives daily before God. I pray for the punks (oops, did that slip out?) I mean young men, who will some day try to sweep you off your feet. I pray that they survive my interrogations and, more importantly, that they rise far above our greatest expectations for you. Don't ever settle for second best...God has more for you!! I love you girls. Thanks for letting me be your daddy!!

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