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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Question of the day for my staff.

Question of the day for my staff. In staff meeting I asked my team, "What are you praying right now for your staff and your ministry? Now, how much of that depends on God?"

In other words, what about your life is so huge that only God's presence could guarantee it's success. I want to dig into this a little bit more this week but it's a thought that's worth pondering. Am I living too safely just trying to survive the time between birth and death? Is the goal of my life to arrive "safely" at my grave? Or am I truly surrendered to whatever and wherever God wants me to be?

Here's another way for you to ponder that question (we'll come back to it tomorrow). If God were removed from my work, family, ministry or life, would anything change? If not, it may be a sign that too much of your life depends on ...YOU!

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