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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So they are having a tea party today.

So they are having a tea party today. Good for them. I hope it's as succesful as the last one we held here in America (@ 1773 in Boston Harbor). I won't personally be able to make our local party because I've got some kids to lead in worship and Bible study. But I completely support the message they are sending to our government.

It's not about not wanting to pay taxes at all. It's about the obvious state of things in Washington D.C. The early "tea partiers" dressed as Indians to send a message to England that they would no longer pay taxes to a parliament in which they had no representation. Today's version of the tea party is to send a message that, while we have representation, they just aren't listening. At some point, we've got to let these people know that we no longer want to pay for studies on how cow flatulation hurts the ozone (what are you going to do, ask them to stop?) or penguin exhibitss in Rhode Island or bridges to nowhere.

I, for one, believe that it's time that a microscope was put on these people who supposedly represent us. Why do they get paid far more than the average American when, in the beginning, our Congress was made of volunteers? Why do they get retirement without having to pay anything into the Social Security fund? Why are they exempt from discipline when they ignore the laws of our land by not paying their taxes, hiring illegal aliens, having illicit affairs with underaged kids, etc? Somewhere, these people have lost their minds (and their hearts to boot).

Now, here's where the burden falls back on us. Tea parties are one thing but you know as well as I that Congressmen only listen to two things: money and votes (unfortunately they are quite adept at using the former to get the latter). Let our protest resound in the way we vote and in the decisions we make about the people we choose. And while you are letting your feelings be known, never fail to pray for them. You and I have an obligation to put our votes AND our prayers where our mouths are. I believe God can bless America again...but only in response to the cries of His people. Have a happy TAX DAY!!

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