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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Short and sweet today

Short and sweet today. Headed out of town with my wife for another speaking engagement. Thursday and Friday we will be in Louisville at the University Hospital speaking. I would appreciate your prayers for Lisa and I as we go and especially for the four kids we leave behind.

One quick housekeeping note I wanted to share with our regular readers. I love your comments that you add on here. Whether it's a question or a challenge to something I've written, I want to hear from you. Keep in mind, however, when you comment, all I can do is post it or delete it. It does not give me an option to respond to you. If I know who you are and have an email address, I'll gladly get back to you. But many of you choose to post anonymously and, on those occasions, I can't do anything in response.

Here's a quick answer to a question posted recently. The question was, "When you call Peter the "Rock of the church" are you agreeing with the Catholic teaching that he was the first Pope?"

The answer. No, not at all. I am simply restating the teachings of Jesus (Matthew 16:18) that Peter would be the strong character around which the early church would get its start. I don't believe that there is any legitimacy to the statement that Peter was the first Pope or, honestly, that there are any directives for the establishment of a Pope found anywhere in the teachings of the Scripture.

Thanks for your questions and your prayers. Looking forward to spring like most of you. Hope to see you at Ridgeview on Sunday.

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