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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm having a mountain top experience.

I'm having a mountain top experience. Seriously, I'm on top of Lookout Mountain right now with some of our kids from Ridgeview at Student Life camp. We are winding down day three and it's been a great week. Two things I want you to see in my brief blog today. Number one: Ridgies, you have some amazing youth. They are incredible teens with good hearts, great minds and talent galore. I've loved having this time with them as we listen to speakers, worship together and open up God's word every day. Secondly, God is up to something big in many areas of our church. I see His rumblings in our kids' (who, I have heard this week, had an amazing time at their camp over the weekend). I hear it in the hearts of our teens who are seeking God so desperately and are raising their expectations of what He can do. And I see it in the faces of each of you, week-after-week as we come together for worship. God will absolutely satisfy you church. You simply have to remove all the distractions, all the barriers and take down all the walls. He wants to pour out His Spirit in our midst, Ridgies. Are we ready to receive what He has to offer? Love you guys and can't wait to stand before you again this week as your Shepherd. I am amazed at our Savior.

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