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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Okay, here's the verdict.

Okay, here's the verdict. I did the annual physical exam thing yesterday (I do it every year around my birthday to make sure things stay in the best working order that they can). I have arthritis in a big toe and both wrists. My surgically repaired left shoulder is holding out okay but the "good" shoulder has rotator cuff tendinitis from throwing too many batting practice sessions. The right knee is holding but has inflammation from tearing cartilage in football 24 years ago. The blood pressure and cholesterol are both "higher than we would like to see."

So, as I lay in bed this morning, feeling a little bit older than my 41 years and 364 days should, I was pondering several things.

  • Was it worth all the fun I had? Throwing yourself at the 300 pound linemen, diving for the baseball over and over and playing football in the backyard with my nephews and son.
  • Would I feel like a car wreck if I hadn't been in seven of them already? Is this normal wear and tear or is this the end result of too many "fender benders?"
  • What's it going to feel like the next 42 years?
  • I'm glad this isn't all there is--I've got a new body with new shoulders and no cholesterol problems waiting for me some day.

I can tell you the answer to number one was an absolute "yes." This life is far too short not to enjoy it. I've loved every practice, every game and every back yard "brawl." I'd do it all over again (but only with an 18 year old body).

As far as the rest of my life, who knows what that holds other than God? I do know this. There is no better place for the balance of my days to be than in His hands. The Bible says He has numbered our days and He knew every one of them before I was born. He is very familiar with creaks my body makes when I crawl out of bed in the morning. He knows the pains I feel. He's numbered every hair that's dropped from my head. He knows me that well!! And...He loves me big!!

So, as long as I have breath and life I will serve Him. As long as the cholesterol doesn't creep too high and the knees hold out, I want to be going where He wants me to go and doing what He wants me to do. My prayer is the same as Paul's--that when my days have run their course, I'll be able to enter into my Father's presence having done two things: fulfilled His purpose for me in this life and left my kids with the best example of what a Christ follower should be. It's been an amazing 42 years. The best may be yet to come (albeit, a little slower than I lived it in the past GRIN).

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Rebecca said...

My opinion of your health, based on my one semester of nursing school, is that you are a very healthy and blessed man! It's a good thing to wake up to creaking joints and achy bones...they are souvenirs of past victories!