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Monday, July 27, 2009

Sometimes I get it right...

Sometimes I get it right...and sometimes I don't. I'm big enough to admit that and not crazy enough to believe that most of you don't already realize it. Today, I'll give you an example of times when I did both.

Sunday, I slipped. My words from the platform of our church may have given some of you the impression that I was not celebrating the ministry of our church on Saturday. You might have thought that, somehow, I didn't value your service to the families we helped or that I questioned your motives. Nothing could be further from the truth. I celebrate along with our staff, the wonderful heart with which the 40 plus members of Ridgeview served Saturday. You guys were pure reflections of Christ as you painted, ripped up floors, tore down ceilings, hung new gutters, laid new floors, etc. So, when I said Sunday that I "disagreed" with Pastor Eddie's announcement, I didn't mean that you guys weren't awesome. I was simply saying that serving for serving's sake is never enough. Real change comes when ALL that we do is done for His glory. Two people can stand side by side and lay sandbags on a river bank but they may do it for different reasons. One may be looking to build a resume and the other look to share His renown. Guess which one has experienced true life change? Sorry if I gave any other impression than the one that God's glory is why we exist. When we do it right, we do it for Him.

Now, about getting it right. I won't go into all the details (I'll let the link below do that for me). Just suffice it to say that I think I got God's voice exactly right when I chose to marry Lisa two plus years ago. I am a blessed man...far more than I deserve. And the swirling of our two families together has been a wonderful way for all six of us to bring glory to God. After all, without Him, who knows where this cat would wind up? Enjoy the read:

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Diana said...


the article on your whole family is beautiful. last week my sweet friend's were hurting because of a loss they experienced in their lives. I dug up the link from your sermon at SWBTS. It's amazing how your life story is tragic yet with and through God, it has become triumphant.

I'm glad you're just a family making it through life, just like the rest of us.