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Monday, August 17, 2009

Got a lot on my mind this Monday morning!

Got a lot on my mind this Monday morning! So I thought I'd spill a little of it here on this page for you to see. My heart is still filled with joy and amazement from yesterday's worship. What an incredible time we've been having has a church family! I've had some great follow up calls, notes and emails as our people are responding to God's voice over this past series. I love what God is showing us and teaching us. It's going to be a really incredible Fall here at Ridgeview. I want to stay humble before God and very near to Him so that I can know what His plan holds for us. Will you pray that for me as your pastor and shepherd?

Speaking of prayer, my heart has been heavy for the Berger family out at Grace Chapel this weekend. Pastor Steve is the lead pastor at this amazing church in Leiper's Fork (just outside Nashville). On Friday, the Berger's lost their 19 year old son to a tragic car accident. Let me tell you, till you have lived through that gut-wrenching experience of burying a child, you cannot comprehend the depth and breadth of pain it causes. I am thankful for the strong faith that the Bergers have displayed through this whole thing and for the faith family that surrounds this pastor. Will you please pray for the Bergers in the days and weeks ahead?

Finally, Lisa and I have been praying really hard for ourselves and our church as we launch our new series this Sunday. It's a three week focus on Marriage that's been on the books for months. Why so much prayer and planning? Because Satan's desire is to destroy our families. And every time we turn our attention to trying to heal and strengthen our marriages, he turns up his warfare. So, let's start today (if you haven't already) to pray for our families--all families, regardless of what they look like or how big or small they may be. Believe me, they matter dearly to God.

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