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Monday, August 10, 2009

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? We've all asked this question of someone at some point. But I wonder how many times God has asked that question of me. I'd probably be afraid to admit how often. I've got a strong feeling that He has probably done the same of you. I thought about this during a conversation I had on a flight with a young lady recently.

She and I had talked briefly about where we were headed and how long our trips would be. Then she asked me what I did for a living. (I always love when people ask that question. It opens up a world of conversations regarding faith and where they are in their personal walk with Christ.)

So...I told her. I told her about planting and pastoring churches. I told her why I was at the conference. I told her about what had happened with my family (the death of my wife and son) and why I believed with all my heart that God was capable of using even the worst situations for good (the young college guy sitting next to her had tuned in by this point). She listened, tears in her eyes, as I shared how God had walked through these events with the kids and me. Then, after a brief pause, she said, "You know, I've been in church all my life. Lately I've felt like God has become really distant. I've been praying that God would show Himself to me and that He would let me know He's real. It's been a frustrating few years."

(This is the part where God asks me, "Well, what are you waiting for?" The door was open so I walked in). I explained to her how I believe that God never walks away, we do. I told her that God wants (desires) this really cool relationship with us...this adventurous life. But many of us choose to settle for something far less--a good job, a good family, a good reputation. I asked her what God had just asked me...what are you waiting for? I hope that God used that conversation to bring an end to her waiting. I pray that He will do the same for you. If you're waiting on God, you're falling behind. He has given His all to have this relationship with you. What is in the way of you having everything He has promised?

NOTE: Thanks for your prayers last week as I was in Buena Vista, FL. I had a great time with the people there. I'm looking forward to being in Macon, GA this week. I'll be sharing with a Healthcare Group down there and running back to Franklin. I'd appreciate your prayers again as I head out on the road.

I'll see you Sunday as we wrap up our current series, "Roots."

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