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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm issuing a call for prayer.

I'm issuing a call for prayer among our Ridgeview family. Here's why. We have just one week left in our currents series, "Roots." It's been a great time together examining some of the key things that happened with that early church. I've enjoyed going back to Acts (always do) and reading their fascinating stories. But what I'm asking the prayers for is what's next.

"One + One = One" No it's not a poor attempt at math nor is it a typo. It's a formulaic expression of a spiritual reality. It's what happens when two believers join together for the act of marriage. We're going to be dealing with three real hot button issues in the area of our marriages: conflict, finances, and sex. These three together make up the core reasons why many marriages are in turmoil and so many more come to an end.

That's why we need prayer. Already--I mean, literally, right now--Satan is attacking families and going after their peace. He knows that by getting you distracted or conflicted right now, he's got a real chance of keeping you away from church those three Sundays.

So, we need prayer...every marriage in our church. Right now. Satan will go after myself and Pastor Eddie as we prepare to do this series. He'll go after your marriage, your friends marriage. He will do whatever he can to prevent God's truth for our marriages from reaching it's desired targets. Will you join me over the next month in lifting up every marriage at Ridgeview Church?

NOTE: these are good truths for all of us, not just the married ones. Don't turn a deaf ear to the truth of God's Word. ALL of God's Word is useful for teaching, instruction and correction. Make plans to be there and be a part of this three week series.

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