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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow days with no snow

Okay, I get it. Everyone has to have a job and every job has some responsibility that comes with it. For instance, there are these weather people who have a responsibility to predict something, something that will affect hundreds of thousands of people based on what they say. I get that. I just wish they'd find a different quarter to flip when they do their predictions. Come less than 24 hours we went from winter weather advisories to maybe a dusting.

As bad as that was, the school system called off school before one flake of the white stuff had fallen. My kids would have been in their second period classes before we had the first hint of snow. An hour after it began, the snow is almost done at my place.

But I have a theory. It's one of those conspiracy things. You see, I think they are all in it together: the weather people, the school people and the grocery chains. (If you live anywhere in the Sun Belt, you know where I am headed with this.) I think that somewhere in the national Kroger or Publix headquarters, some guy looks at milk and bread sales and decides they are a little low. He calls his buddy at the Weather Channel. Those guys flip that infamous coin to decide which days they will predict the white stuff. In turn, they call the schools and get them to cancel all classes for "effect." I mean, no one would question the school systems, right?

Before you know it, you have happy kids, unhappy parents, a prediction of 4 inches and a mad rush on the stores (because we all know that 1/2 inch of snow means that the stores can't restock their shelves and the inability to drive for a few hours means we will absolutely starve). The night before, EVERY line in EVERY store is filled. They are buying milk, batteries, flashlights, bread, and canned goods for the seven hours it will take for the roads to get cleared by both of Williamson Counties snow plows. (My cynicism grows...)

Don't laugh. It's possible. I hear the stores are working on a "global warming" angle to boost their summer sales....

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