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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day Four...or is it Fourteen?

Actually, it's both. I am on day four of our B90X--the challenge we issued to our congregation to read through the entire Bible in 90 days. It's been great so far. I've loved hearing and reading responses to this from those in our congregation who are participating. It's been a blessing to listen to my daughter and my wife ask questions about Scripture as they come across stories and portions of Scripture that they haven't seen (or haven't seen in a while). My favorite was Abby's question two nights ago as she was reading the stories of Jacob and Esau. She said, "Daddy, what does it mean to conceive?" I explained that it was the point where a baby was formed in the womb of the mommy after she had sex. She got this really curious look on her face. Honestly, I was a little worried. We've had these sex talks before, so I was hesitant about what she was thinking. I mean, after all, this wasn't new information.

She continued, "So, how did Jacob conceive?"

"What?" I was confused now. "How did Jacob conceive? He didn't baby. He's a man. Men can't conceive. They just help with the whole process."

"It says over here in this part of Scripture that he conceived with his brother." Now I was downright perplexed. What version of the Bible was she reading?

Well, after a little bit of checking, I was relieved to find out what was causing her confusion. Jacob deceived his brother, Esau--not conceived with his brother. Hey, at least she is reading the Word and learning.

Now...the B90X is a lot more enjoyable than the 30 day shred (that's the day 14 part). Because of a New Year's resolution our whole family made, Jillian--the chick from The Biggest Loser--is kicking my hind end every night for 20+ minutes. It's been tough but it's great watching the kids work out and doing it as a family. With both of these challenges running at the same time, I'm learning greater personal discipline. Between the two--B90x and the 30 Day Shred--I'll long as Jacob and Esau don't start trying to conceive again.


Chrissy said...

LOL - that reminds me of that commercial where the boy asks his dad about sex and after a looooong conversation and explanation... he says "so what do I circle on this paper?"

Anonymous said...

God is so good to give you humor to help you through. You have a great family, I love reading the ways that God shows himself through your life, and your children s lives