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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Under the category of "Are you kidding me?"

Like many of you, I have heard the news that Florida super-star, Tim Tebow, and his mom, Pam, have been tabbed to do a commercial on Super Bowl night. The thirty second spot has been approved by CBS for showing. It's purpose is to tell Tebow's story (his mom was encouraged to abort him due to personal illness. Obviously, she said no and Tim is a perfectly healthy and talented adult) and to celebrate the family. Two very worthy causes, right?

In the words of ESPN's Lee Corso, "Not so fast, my friend."

It seems that the anti-life people are at it again. Groups like the National Organization for Women (the real name should be the National Organization for Women Who Are Alive because they were fortunate to make the abortion cut) are up in arms because CBS has decided to show such a "controversial" ad. They can't believe that CBS would show something like this.

Can I just ask some pretty obvious questions:
  • Why isn't NOW complaining about the "controversial" showing of this Sunday night's Grammy Awards on CBS? You know we can't all agree on who the winners should be. More important, you know they won't make it thirty minutes into this lengthy celebration before someone will drop an "F-bomb", make inappropriate jokes for the family viewing hour, or mock the holiness of the God that over 80% of Americans profess to believe. But this isn't worth talking about.
  • Why doesn't NOW, since they don't want to be controversial, voluntarily remove themselves from EVERY major network's evening news? Lord knows they get far more air-time talking about their agenda than the pro-life people get talking about preserving babies. I guess anti-life sentiment gets better reviews.
  • While we are eliminating controversy, why don't we block the President's State of the Union address? His approval rating is almost 30% below the support that the pro-life movement receives in our country. Surely something so controversial can't be aired for Americans to see.

No, here's the real truth. NOW (and their partners) know that the story of Tim Tebow is a direct blow to the baloney that comes from their "death agenda." On Super Bowl night, a young man who, if it were left to the choice people, would be dead by now, will stand up in front of an entire nation. His message will be that life is infinitely more important than convenience (which is what the anti-death movement is really all about). Thank God for Tim's story. It is the story of millions of other babies who were never given a chance, never given a voice. And it is a story that is well worth hearing, regardless of the radical, anti-life organizations that would want you to believe otherwise.

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