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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It has been chaos around here today.

It has been chaos around here today. We've had a pregnant Mary, two opera singers, a very bad guitarist and a donkey (yes, a live one). Here at the office. No, it wasn't a staff meeting. We were shooting one of the final scenes for this year's Ridgeview film. It is going to be great so you're going to want to make plans to come (and invite everyone you know) for the showing on Christmas Eve. Make sure you're there.

That got me thinking about some of these commercials you see on TV. You know the ones.

"Not sold in stores."
"As seen on TV."
"New and improved..."
"Call now. Operators are standing by."

They make some pretty heady claims. Especially as we head into the holiday season, you'll see the promising to do a whole lot of stuff. Organize your life. Clean your clothes. Remove all calories from your cooking (okay, the last one was just wishful thinking). You get the picture. One particular magazine just did their annual review of the best selling of these products. Their findings?? Most of them simply don't deliver. Even the ones that do were questioned as to the real need that they fulfill.

Is real life any different? Which one of us has never fallen prey to the claims that culture wants to make on our lives?

"You can't get this anywhere else."
"It's just like you see on TV."
"Better than ever before."
"Get it now because it might be gone tomorrow."

Let's be honest. The only One to ever live up to His claims was Christ. No spastic announcers needed. The angels broadcast His birth. No select audiences. His salvation is free to all who will take it. No new and improved because it just doesn't get any better than life on the road with Christ. No money back offer because He's never failed. I will tell you this though. It is a limited time offer. And you better believe you don't want to get caught having this One. Blessings!

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