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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

There is no doubt that we need each other.

There is no doubt that we need each other. I don't have to go very far to show you examples of how much people need the contact of other people. Not just physical contact but emotional, spiritual and mental as well. I hear it in the voices of people I counsel with. I see it in the faces of people who I speak to on the street.

If you don't think people want to get beyond the Twitter and the Facebook entries, just sit down and write a personal note to someone and see what kind of reaction you get. I did it recently to one particular couple in our church. The wife responded as if I had written a NY Times bestseller (which I hope to do some day).

Our lives are filled with...well, you name it. We live in homes with garages that have doors that work by remote. We pull in without ever getting out of our car. We actually can have "relationships" with people around the world without ever hearing the sound of their voice. And never before have we needed each other more.

I'm thinking specifically of one couple I had the opportunity to be with recently. After we had finished our evening with them, the young lady came up to my wife and began to talk to her on the side. She was sooo hungry for more, wanting to have relationship with someone whose name wasn't Mac or PC--someone who could feel and laugh and smile and hug. After all, God created us to be these kinds of people and, if we lose this art form, we have lost a very special gift.

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Diana said...

technology affords us the ability to communicate. Personal interaction affords us a real connection.

A computer can't look back at you and show empathy, sympathy, love, kindness, and real friendship.

As we dive into the holiday season that is sneeking up on us ever so quickly, I am gratefully reminded how much I need the people in my life and why God may have put me in their's.

Your post makes me want to go out and make everything a bit more personal.

Ridley, I always love catching up on your thoughts...and Lisa's when you share them. The insight you have is always thought provoking.

Love Diana

ps...I'll buy that bestseller when you write it :)