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Friday, November 14, 2008

Words are powerful things.

Words are powerful things. They truly have the power to heal and to harm. Sometimes the most innocent of phrases can rip to shreds years of healing and hope. At other times, a simple word or two can lift some one's spirits farther than they ever imagined. And, yet, they are simply words.

But God knows the power of words. Think of some of the most powerful words that Scripture shares with us. In the encounter between Moses and God, Moses asked the Creator, "Who are you?" God responded with two very powerful words--I am. I am? What does that mean? It is a very powerful phrase that says, "God was and God is and God will always be what we really need Him to be." God is not limited by our imagination or by science or by natural law. He just is…in a very powerful way.

There is another word that contains much power in the Bible. It appears many places but most frequently during those encounters between man and God (or someone representing Him such as an angel). Peace. Now, if I came up to you and said "peace," it would mean one thing. But for the Creator of all things to look at you in your present situation and say this word means something wholly different. Peace...strength in the midst of chaos, no presence of fear.

The strength of words cannot be denied. Whether it's a parent disciplining a child, an individual dealing with a co-worker, or a husband reacting too strongly to his wife and best friend (are you catching my humility here?), we must understand the power of Words. After all, when the world was in a desperate situation and needed to hear from God, He didn't put on a display. He didn't send an army. He didn't cause the sky to go dark or the mountains to crash into the sea. He simply gave us His...Word.

"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God....The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us." John 1:1-14 NIV

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