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Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter reflections

I'm laid up in the bed today with a major sinus infection that I was fighting all day yesterday. So I thought I'd take a minute or two to reflect on yesterday's Easter services.
  • Thanks to all the amazing people who served yesterday and enabled us to pull off two worship services and a brunch. Thank you to our worship band, our audio and visual teams, the drama group, the family that handles our signage each week, the greeters at the door, those who worked our resource table, the ones who showed up Saturday to make sure everything was in place, and to the ladies who assisted Pam with our brunch time (and any of you guys who might have helped as well). Finally, thanks to all the smiling faces that make Ridgeview such a warm place for our guests when they come.
  • Thank you for inviting your friends to be a part of yesterday's service. I'm not sure yet but it looks like we may have had a record (or near record) number of first time guests in our services. Please remember our task is not done. For every friend you invited yesterday, there are dozens more who need to know Jesus.
  • Thank you for your prayers. Because of your willingness to pray for your church and for your pastor, seeds were planted in the hearts of many unbelievers and one young man came forward after the service to give his life to Christ and ask for baptism.
  • Thanks for what you are going to do in the weeks ahead by following up with your friends--both the ones who came and the ones who didn't--and continuing to pray about how God can use you in all of their lives.
Last, and most important, thank you for the privilege of shepherding this group of believers. It is always an honor to worship with you and serve alongside of you. I'll see you next Sunday with a friend by your side.

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