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Thursday, April 01, 2010


I'll be honest. It's been a frustrating day, kind of tough. It started out well enough. Beautiful day outside. Feeling really great. Spent a couple of hours with my staff weeding flower beds outside the office (we are a multi-talented staff). We had to get that done before they kicked us out of downtown Franklin.

Then, I got a little frustrating news. Then, I got a little frustrating news. Then...I got a little frustrating news. No. I'm not stuck or losing my mind. That's the way the news started coming. It wasn't bad news or awful news...just frustrating.

So, I rolled into the house this afternoon with a lot of heavy stuff on my mind. That is until I looked at my Bible laying on the table. And I remembered it was Thursday. Not just any Thursday but the Thursday before Easter. And I asked myself, does my news compare in any way to what Jesus must have been going through that Thursday so long ago? Is there any way my news can compare to what Jesus knew was coming that weekend--a last dinner with his disciples, long hours of trials and beatings, mockery and denial from some of those who knew him best and, finally, death? The obvious Not just no but heck no.

So, I got over it. I'm sure you will too. Whatever it is your can be sure He faced something greater.

Easter is coming! I pray you have invited someone to be a part of your church this Sunday, wherever you attend. Or, that you have chosen to attend yourself. You will not regret it.

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