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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Step 1

When Lisa and I met 3 years ago, I thought I was in okay shape for a 39 year old. I mean, I couldn't run a marathon or anything but I wasn't exceeding any weight limits for travel either. Then came Lisa...and a doctor with a blood pressure cuff. Between the two of them, I was forced to understand that chocolate covered raisins do not cover two of the basic food groups (fruit and dairy). I had a problem because I was headed down the same path, physically, as millions of other Americans. I believed I was exempt from "their" issues. The doctor reminded me that long, healthy lives are not built on good intentions and chocolate chip cookies. I had to admit there was a problem before I ever put in the first P90X disc or ate the first forkful of salad.

A couple of things have happened this week--first, an article on Noah's ark, then, a Facebook conversation with a friend about abortion--that have reminded me of an important principle for life: denying there is a problem doesn't make the problem go away.

My health problems wouldn't just go away on their own. And, despite what ads will tell you, there are no magic cures other than eating right, sleeping well and exercising.

I've come to the conclusion this week that this is the problem our culture has. We don't want to admit our need for a God or a Savior. We'd rather explain Him away or deny our need than to come face-to-face with the problem. But it doesn't make it go away. The Bible is clear...we all have the same problem (Romans 3:23) and the only solution is to admit our need and to embrace Christ.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of praying with a lady from our church to do that very thing. There is no sweeter feeling in the world. She is a very good lady--a great mom and loving wife. She works hard, goes to church regularly and even gives to the church. But just like the Acai berry is no miracle cure for my health problems, none of those things will take care of our sin issue. There is only one solution.

Alcoholics Anonymous begins there twelve step program with this simple statement: "We admitted we were powerless over..." You fill in the blank. That's not a good feeling to admit you are powerless. That's why the anti-life movement flies in the face of faith. (I can't bring myself to call them their preferred name "pro-choice". The baby and the dad don't get a choice. If they really want a choice, then don't have sex without birth control in the first place. But I digress) That movement, along with so many others like it, stake a claim to your rights, your power, your control over your life. That, as Adam and Eve discovered, is sin. In order to get your life settled and to experience fulfillment, you have to admit that life in your hands is no good. Life in God's hands is much better.

I am a healthier man today because I admitted I had a need. That admission has led to a few less pounds, fewer inches on the waistline and lower points on the blood pressure. Your admission may mean eternity. Hope you get this "choice" right.


Chrissy said...

Chocolate covered raisins... amateur.
Chocolate covered ALMONDS cover dairy and protein! Now that's a super food!

Katie and Shae said...

Great post Ridley. I totally hear you and agree. This is at the heart of our own sins and the culture we love to love and love to hate.
Love to you and fam