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Friday, April 02, 2010

It's good Friday... what are you prepared to do about it? I mean, the Bible is clear about two things. First, that "while we were still sinners (enemies of God) Christ died for us." That's what today is all about. He went to the extreme and made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could have this amazing relationship with God. He's done everything necessary for the world to have peace and forgiveness before God...

...that's where number two comes in. He didn't do that just for you--though He absolutely would have. He did it for the whole world. That's your family. That's your co-worker. That's your neighbor next door and the one down the street that gets on your last nerve. That's the black (or Asian or Hispanic or White or Indian) family down the street that doesn't look or act like you. So, while you and I are, rightfully, remembering the most incredible weekend of the year beginning with Good Friday, I want to submit something to you. Our remembrance is incomplete, in fact, it's second-rate, if we don't go the extra mile to make sure someone else is part of this weekend with us. Someone who has never heard this amazing statement--"He is alive and all who receive Him are forgiven." This Easter gift is for the whole world.

So...what are you prepared to do about it?

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