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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I just wanted some stamps.

The Christmas craziness has been in full effect around Franklin since Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) but it officially ratcheted up a notch at our local post office this week. I dropped by there on the way to work this morning to pick up some Christmas stamps. I just needed a few to make sure our Christmas cards got out on time. The line was out the door. There was one poor fellow shipping what looked like his entire Christmas list. Final total for shipping...almost $500.

Another lady, who spoke poor English, was trying to find out why the stamps she stuck on her three post cards wasn't enough. It was kind of comical watching as she, with her broken English, communicated with the very Southern gentleman behind the counter about why she needed ten cents more. Talk about worlds colliding.

There were bags and bows and boxes everywhere as people wrapped up there last minute details for getting their items shipped. Thirty minutes later, I had my "Mother and Child" Christmas stamps and was on my way to work.

So, my blog today is a public service reminder. There's probably much left to be done before December 25th (if you are like most of us). There are cards to mail, items to ship and probably a few left to buy for. You have just nine more days to get it all done. But, whether you are ready or not, Christmas will come. It always does. It did 2000 years ago and, believe it or not, most of them weren't ready then either.

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