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Monday, December 07, 2009

The SEC Championship game was a shocker to me.

The SEC Championship game on Saturday afternoon was a shocker to me. While I suspected that Alabama might have a chance to beat Florida, I never guessed they would have throttled Tim Tebow and the Gators the way that they did. It was literally the first time in his career that I ever saw Tebow on TV looking confused. Somewhere about the middle of the third quarter, he looked to the sideline and had this really confused look on his face--like he didn't know what would work offensively for the Gators.

Thankfully, he's gotten the other answers right. The really important ones. While I am no means a Florida fan (far from it), I have secretly watched and cheered for Tim Tebow these last four years because he was such a bold and outspoken witness for Christ. My prayer? That he would live the faith he proclaimed to have without faltering along the way. In victory and defeat, Tim held his integrity in tact and lived his faith without apology (one estimate this morning said that over 8 million people googled John 16:33 after Tim wore it on his eyeblack Saturday).

From a tried and true Dawg fan, Tim, it's a pleasure to say "well done" for the way you lived your life these last four years in the public's eye (with the exception of one Saturday each of the last four years in October). May God bless you in whatever is next and increase your influence.

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