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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Like many of you, I've watched with interest...

Like many of you, I've watched with interest the unfolding saga from this past weekend related to Tiger Woods. I believe the whole thing has been grossly overplayed by the media and the events of the weekend are very unfortunate for Tiger and his family.

Yesterday, I was sitting in a restaurant when the news broke of Tiger's apology regarding charges of infidelity. The one statement that caught my attention from his release more than any other was this: "I don't believe that personal sins should require public press conferences..." (not the exact words, I'm sure).

True, Mr. Woods. Very true.

When any man or woman makes a mistake on the level of what he has done, forgiveness and healing become imperative. But, at the same time, I think Tiger is learning a very hard lesson--one that Charles Barkley once resisted and Steve McNair unfortunately never grasped. When one chooses to live their life in front of the lights and cameras, every small detail of who you are comes under close examination--from what you wear to what you eat, from what you watch to who you watch it with. It's an unfortunate fact in our star-crazed culture. And no one is exempt, regardless of how much they may plead for privacy for their families.

Mr. Woods transgressions are awful. Infidelity for anyone is a tragic choice that hurts everyone touched by the poor choices. But I couldn't help but catch myself praying for Tiger yesterday as I began my lunch. Praying that he would, indeed, get the space he and his family need for their healing. I also prayed that he might come to understand the significance of that word--sin--and perhaps come to know the forgiveness and grace of Jesus. Here's to your healing, Tiger Woods...emotional and spiritual.

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Kearsmom said...

I've thought the same things. While everyone is making jokes, I just feel sad for him and for his family. It's just very sad.