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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Our purpose

Love the Lord you God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. Deuteronomy 6:5

A few years back, I was standing in the line at Lowe's looking for something else to buy (hey, I'm a man. I can't help it). I had picked up the stuff I really needed but, because I love Lowe's and I love gadgets, I'm always checking to make sure there isn't something else I need. A cup full of flat pencils caught my eye. You probably have seen them and maybe knew long before I did what they were. They are called carpenter's pencils. One day, some really creative guy got tired of his pencil rolling off of his work area. So, he took his hammer and slammed the pencil to flatten it out and keep it in place. A new device was born (disclaimer: I don't know that this is how it happened but it seemed good when I wrote it so work with me), a device with a unique purpose.

Birds were meant to fly. So were planes. Cars were not...but they were meant to drive. And you and I were meant to love the Lord. That's it. Every moment of every day in every circumstance, we were created to have a relationship with God. The great tragedy of life is when we take life's benefits, its "side dishes" if you will, and try to make them the main course. You were not created to get married, have a career or have children. Those are life's benefits. When you and I get our focus off of loving God and onto the benefits, we get our priorities whacked out and our lives become...chaotic.

It takes real passion to live like God wants us to. And ALL of that passion must be focused on the main thing. If you are going to seek after God and love Him, go all out. Nothing else counts.

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slug said...

Good grief, 43 years old and I finally find out why those pencils are flat.