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Monday, June 28, 2010

A few final thoughts from Sunday

It was another great day Sunday as we wrapped up our spiritual warfare series. Next week, we'll kick off Joy--A Study of Philippians. Before we do though, I had to add some final thoughts on our recent topic (that's a pastor's prerogative you know).

Satan has a whole lot of weapons at his disposal. I think most of them fall into two larger categories: lies and loneliness. Satan will do a lot to prove to you that what he says is real and what God wants you to know is not reliable. The irony of this is that history and time prove the exact opposite. You can't believe anything that Satan tells you. Regardless of how "reliable" it sounds, the Bible is clear that Satan is, by nature, a liar (John 8:44). When we listen to his words, it leads us down paths of deception, low self-esteem, doubt, fear, anxiety and, for those who pursue it far enough, death. I spoke with a dear friend at Ridgeview yesterday who was reeling from the news that a good friend--a Christ follower--had taken his own life last week leaving behind a wife and 5 year old. Why? She just kept saying, "He listened to Satan's lies."

Equally destructive is the feeling of loneliness that we can all feel. Isn't it strange that we live on a planet with over 7 billion people and that any of us can feel alone? But we do. I do. Even in a house with five other people, there can be times when Satan wants me to believe that I am all alone in the struggles I face. There, feeling isolated from those who love me most, Satan has me exactly where he wants me. In this state of loneliness, we tend to isolate ourselves even more, believing that no one cares, no desires to help us, that no one else understands.

Once again, just yesterday, I listened to a young lady who earnestly wants to turn her life around. She is seeking answers for why her life seems so desperate at times. And what she shared with Lisa and I was a powerful and real feeling. "I just feel so alone at times, like I'm all by myself."

Can I tell you that I just wanted to cry with both of my friends? Somewhere, today, there is a special young lady with two dear children who thinks she is all alone in this incredibly cruel world. Somewhere else, there is another young lady with a sweet daughter who is facing life without her husband and friend because Satan filled his head with lies. Do I have to say more to prove to you that Satan's only desire is your destruction? Maybe you can relate far too well to the stories I've shared today. Three things I want to say to you. Don't listen to the lies. God alone has your best interest at heart. Second, don't ever believe you are alone. We all get tied up with our own lives and our own problems--but we all need each other. All of us. Lastly, don't forget that God loves you deeply. He is the only one who has died for you.

Let me know if there is any way that I can help you. I don't ever want anyone to feel alone...after all, that's just a lie from Satan.

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Jeff said...

I agree with what you said. I think one of Satan's lies that he tells often is that we are worthless. Many people who have been abused have felt the power of a lie like that.