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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tracing your journey

I couldn't sleep last night so I finally gave up around 4 a.m. this morning. I laid their for the longest time trying to decide "do I get up and get ready and take the chance I'll wake Lisa?" or "do I lay here and hope that my mind will finally quit wondering?" I did neither. I laid in bed and wondered.

Finally, I crawled out of bed a little before 6 and made my way to the office. This gave me lots of alone time before my first meeting of the day at 8:30. I took advantage of the time to pull out my journal and re-read some of my entries from the last six years. It was a time of reflection, increased gratefulness for God's favor, laughing at some of the stupid things I wrote and crying over where my journey has taken me (crying for good reasons).

I can't tell you how important it is to journal the events of your life (not blog. Journal.) Even if you don't do it every day (I sure don't. There are some breaks in my journals as long as 2 years), it records the mileposts in your life where God taught you, guided you and blessed you. Even this morning, past lessons leaped off the page and refreshed me in "life courses" that I had already completed.

The truth is, much of Scripture is given to us by men who recorded God's ongoing conversations and interactions with humanity. There were so many instances where God instructed people, "Write down these words so that others may know." It's really easy so I thought I'd give you a complete plan on how to trace your journey through journaling:
1. Buy a spiral notebook (if you want to go a little nicer, buy a fancy journal from Barnes and Nobles or something)
2. Get a good pen--ink color does not matter.
3. Find a quiet place and a few peaceful moments on a regular basis.
4. Write what comes to mind.
Don't worry about what people might think when they read it. If you're still alive, they shouldn't be reading. If you've passed away, you don't care what they think anyway. Do it. You'll love it and you'll thank me that you took the time.

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