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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I used to have a coach who would say, "Be careful who you point your finger at. There will always be three pointing back at you." (about this time you should be trying this out. Pointer finger goes out, three fingers curved back at you and thumb pointed away. See? It works.) The point--no pun intended--was that we always have to take a little responsibility for things that happen in our lives. In fact, because of that lesson from long ago, I have a sign hanging above my desk in my office. It simply asks, "How is it my fault?"

Now, the present situation with the Gulf is one where we can learn some valuable lessons...about how not to act. Government blames BP. BP blames environmentalists. Republicans blame Democrats and they return the favor. The bottom line is that they could all learn a thing or two from my coach. While everyone is passing the blame, animals are dying, people are losing jobs, the economy is taking another blow and nothing is being accomplished.

Here is my concern. These guys aren't treading new ground with their behavior. This responsibility thing has been going around since Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent and both choked down their fruit. And what you and I are left with is the responsibility--there's that word again--for teaching our kids (and each other) to take responsibility for who we are and the way we act.

You see, until we take responsibility, nothing will ever change. The Gulf won't get any cleaner. My temper won't get any better. Your hurtful words about your friend will continue to flow. Our apathy won't change. Our sin won't be addressed.

We are reminded of this significant first step in 1 John 1:9 where it begins, "If we confess our sins..." In other words, admit we've done wrong. Then, and only then, can positive change begin.

So, Obama...BP...Congress...repeat after me, "Here's how it was my fault.." Feel free to join in.

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