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Monday, June 07, 2010

Liar, liar

We are heading into week one of Angels and Demons--our series on spiritual warfare here Ridgeview. For the next three weeks, we will be looking at what the Bible has to say (as opposed to what Hollywood wants us to believe) regarding the reality of spiritual warfare. Lesson number one...there is a real enemy who hates us. Because he is real and is hatred for God is immense, he will do whatever he can to make sure that God and His creation suffer.

I believe that Satan's number one weapon is lies. In the book of John, we read Jesus' summation of who Satan is:
When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. John 8:44 NIV

Because he is so "good" at falsehood, Satan regularly battles against God's creation with a wide array of lies. On a personal level, he begins early in life by convincing each of us that we aren't smart enough, good enough, pretty enough, thin get the point. He tries to distract us from the truth that each of us is God's creation--perfectly planned to meet His purposes for our life.

On a corporate level, Satan keeps churches weak and ineffective by getting them sidetracked with a multitude of lies--your church isn't big enough, your pastor isn't perfect enough, the church down the street is a little better or the people on the other side of the world don't matter as much.

Here's how you battle the father of lies...truth. Seems simplistic but it is exactly the weapon prescribed by Christ.
You shall know the truth and it will set you free.

And isn't freedom what God desires for us to have...freedom to live in an abundant relationship with Him? So, how do you get truth? Here's your Sunday School answer--and it works--quit listening to the world and listen to what your Father is trying to tell you. I say the same kind of stuff to my children whom I love deeply. The world is gonna tell you all kinds of things to fit you in their mold or bring you down to their level. The truth--the good stuff your daddy tells you--is meant to give you security, love and freedom.

Satan is a nasty storyteller. We'll talk more this week about what "ole hairy butt" (as Lisa likes to call him) is really up to in this world. Just remember that God's word contains truth that we must have to battle a real enemy who hates us.

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