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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Transitions are a part of life...but that doesn't mean I have to like them. Don't get me wrong, some transitions are fun and enjoyable. Changes open up your world, give you new possibilities, force you from your comfort zone and can create new relationships. But, they can hurt too. There is a reason why I have said in the past, "Change is easy. You go first."

I thought about that earlier this week as I walked around the campus of Samford University in Birmingham with Lisa and Morgan. We were there f0r orientation as we anticipate Morgan's departure in August. More changes.

I'm excited for Morgan. I really am. In fact, after the orientation, I came back to the office and told them I was resigning and going back to college (just kidding). College is an incredible time for most people. I know it will be for my daughter. She is an amazing young lady with incredible potential. But it doesn't mean I have to look forward to her going. Heck, I feel like we just started blending a family. There is still much I want to share with Morgan...and much she still needs to teach me. Look...I just convinced her it was okay for an 18 year old to snuggle with her parents on the couch while watching a movie.

I guess one of the hard things about changes is that they are so often associated with milestones...and milestones mean I'm getting older. There. I said it. And, while I don't mind getting older, I don't like that my kids are. Harrison will be driving soon. Abby is acting like a young lady instead of my little girl. And Landon will be entering Middle School...our last elementary student in the bunch. More changes.

Somewhere in the midst of my fifth trip across the campus on Tuesday, I was reminded of this powerful truth. Life is full of changes...God is not one of them. Wherever I go (or my kids go), God is still the same yesterday, today and forever. Through every transition--puberty, high school, learning to drive--every milestone, God will forever remain faithful. I can look forward to His constant, reassuring presence through every transition that life brings.

But I still don't have to look forward to all the changes.

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