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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another year gone

It's a big day in the Barron family. Abby (or Abigail as she is preferring these days) has turned twelve. It really doesn't seem possible. I know every parent says this as they watch their children grow up...but it really doesn't. I've joked with her since she was about six years old that she was breaking her daddy's heart every time she had a birthday and that she couldn't get any older. Like most kids, she'd just roll her eyes and say, "Daddy" in that "I know your kidding but let's get serious" kind of voice.

She did it again last night as I tucked her in.

Which got me wondering, how much longer will she let me do that? Or, for that matter, how much longer will she let me do a lot of the things that daddy's love to do for their daughters?

I won't complain though. I am so thankful for every precious moment that God gives me with her. After all that she (and we) have been through, I am thankful for the beautiful young lady I see appearing before my eyes. I am thankful for every minute of life that courses through her body. I am thankful that others see in her all the incredible things that I see--her sweet heart, her precious laugh, her warm personality and her growing love of God. She is what every daddy wants their little girl to be. (How much longer can I call her "little?")

So, today, I am celebrating Abby...twelve years of laughter, hugs, eye rolls, tears, games and kisses. I pray that I am daily modeling the kinds of things she will some day look for in a man (some day way off in the 2030) and that she has a short memory about the times that I let her down. And I pray there is never a day--no, never a minute--that passes in her life where she doesn't know the love of her daddy and the love of her Father. I guess along as she has both of those, I'll let her grow up now.

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