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Friday, March 05, 2010


Lisa and I are sitting in the Houstonian Hotel in Houston, TX this morning. I'm getting ready for a presentation to the Greater Houston Society for Healthcare Risk Management. Boy, that's a mouthful. I'm praying over the words that God would give to me and how he can use those words to impact health care in general and the specific providers.

....and missing my kids. I love that God has given me this opportunity to use our story for good. I even like the traveling a bit, though the airport security can get old. But I always miss being home with my family. They are so much a part of who I am. I wish I could take them on the road with me and let them see and experience the great places I get to go. I guess it makes going home that much sweeter. You know, the whole "absence makes the heart grow fonder" deal.

It's a big day tomorrow (Saturday). My oldest is turning 18. Wow! I know she's excited. Me? I have mixed feelings. I'm excited she's having the big day and that she is daily showing how God is transforming her and making her into the young woman I have been praying for. I just hate that we are rushing up to the day she leaves for Samford--it's getting really close--and I've only had this little bit of time with her. It just goes too fast. And the time we do have is split between school, work, church and a very intelligent young man she has fallen for (he's intelligent because he's dating my beautiful daughter). But you might expect a dad to say that.

I know she doesn't read this but I thought I'd say it anyway. Happy birthday, Morgan. I love you and am very proud of you.


Anonymous said...

I do read your blog silly. And thank you for my birthday wishes. I know we don't have much time but the time we do have is special. I love you daddy.

Anonymous said...

Reverend Barron,

I really enjoyed hearing your story this morning at the Houstonian Hotel. Your words were heart felt, I know you had the attention of every healthcare worker in the room. I can say you Probably inspired everyone to go back and make a change in the way they provide care at their facility.

My boss indicated she spoke with you afterwards. Her name is Kathy Roberts. I'm sure she shared that we would like to share your message among our facilities. We are a smaller acute care hospital for adults and children and we have a brain injury rehab facility.

I'm not sure how she wants us to go about sharing your message, but we feel it is important enough for everyone to hear. As a mom and a healthcare worker, I just wanted to thank you for the message and getting our attention.

I would also like to know if you have your presentation on cd or if you have an on-line video of your presentation?

Debbie Wilson