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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Change isn't easy

I think I said this on here a few weeks ago. Everybody loves change; you go first. Change is seldom easy. In fact, it's downright hard. There are old habits to break and new ones to develop. And the old habits just don't die easily.

For instance, for the first time since college (which was more than just a few months ago for those keeping tabs) I'm typing on a Macbook. I trained on Apples when I was a senior in high school. I worked and trained others on Apples when I was in college. So it's not like I've never made this change before. But when I finished grad school, I was told to put away my Apple and purchase a PC. Now, I have given into the urging of my staff.

The point of all that is's not easy. I'm still putting my fingers in the wrong places and pushing wrong buttons. The shortcuts are a little different and the keyboard feels slightly strange. But I'm hoping the change, in the long run, will be a good one.

I've made similar changes with my health. Believe me, these changes were far harder than the shift from a PC to a Mac. Doing away with certain foods and stuff that just aren't good for me. Exercising six times a week (I haven't done that since high school) all in the name of better health. But it matters to me. It's extremely important. I watched my dad struggle with his health all the way to the end of his life. I've seen others I know battle with health conditions. All I know is that I want to be able to see my kids grow old, watch their children be born, and spend the end of my life with Lisa enjoying it as much as I have the first three years. So, I make the changes I know I need to matter how hard they may be.

It's that way with anything worth doing. It will require change. It will require some discomfort as the old is done away with and the new comes. But the key is deciding that you really want to be different. That's why many church goers are not willing to change. They don't mind the trips to church and the occasional uncomfortable sermon but they never get to the place where they decide that the change is "worth it." They just don't really desire it. So they settle. They become complacent. They live with apathy. And they miss the greatest journey one could ever experience, an adventure that goes far beyond just going to church...the adventure that is following Christ.


Lisa Barron said...

I am super proud of the changes that you have made with your eating and exercise. That takes a lot of guts (that's for real...not a punny).

Thanks for the changes that you have made to love this blessed wife and her two girls.

I love you.

Anonymous said...

You have said so much with so little, change isn't easy, it is down right changes have come in little baby steps because I have learned that you have to stop and think about the others in your life and how those changes are going to affect them as well, sometimes not so good and others good. We all have to change at our own pace, and we definately can't change others, only hope that by making changes in your life that it will affect the changes they make in theirs.