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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Choose your foreman carefully

Last Saturday, our church was involved in a service project locally. It was a lot of hands-on construction and remodeling stuff. Soon after our arrival, David (a friend of mine) and I found ourselves in the attic of a new home that was being built for a family. Actually, "attic" is a loose term because the assignment given to us was to put down decking in the rafters to create some attic storage for the family.

Now, David and I both had a clear idea of what needed to happen. We both knew a lot more than just the basics of measuring, cutting and hammering. We understood that we were preparing for other things to follow and that, if we messed up, the "other things" could get a little ugly because of our mistake. So, throughout the morning, we'd do a bit of work here and there and, then, call the foreman in to ask a question or get a quick evaluation. Sometimes, we would get to a point where we just weren't comfortable with our knowledge and, rather than making it up, we'd get the "expert" to show us how.

I thought back to Saturday morning as I read the verse below:
Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

This may be shocking to you but, when it comes to parenting, to marriage, to pastoring or to life, I don't have all the answers. Even more shocking to you may be this don't either. So, there comes a point in every life where we must consult the "expert"--the One who knows all the ins and outs of building. If you're like me, there's no doubt you know more than the basics. You can make it so far with what you've learned in life...but only so far. Then, there comes a point where we all must realize, we aren't building just for us. We are building for things to follow. And if we don't get this part right, the things to follow could get just a bit ugly. So why not let the Lord build? Why not let Him guide your thoughts, govern your decisions and make your labors fruitful rather than "in vain?" When it comes to my kids, Lisa, my church and my personal legacy, I want to emerge knowing that what I did was done the best it could be.

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